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Record Packing Slip Information in Marketplace

Record packing slip information directly into Marketplace 

Electronic packing slips create a record of what has been received against your Purchase Order (PO) in Marketplace.

The packing slip is directly associated to the PO where it can be stored and queried against in Marketplace.

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Using packing slips

  • Enter in the date the order was received, the packing slip number, and additional optional fields including carrier, tracking number, and responsible party
  • An optional attachment field is also available, so a scanned copy of the paper packing slip can also be saved to the PO


  • Electronic packing slips are recorded and stored with the Marketplace Purchase Order (PO)
  • Electronic packing slips replace the need to retain hard copies of packing slips
  • Run receiving reports in Marketplace through Order Query
  • Anyone with Marketplace access can enter in packing slip info
  • More sustainable, flexible, efficient record-keeping process

Policy Information

  • UC San Diego's local policy requires departments to retain packing slips as proof of receipt of goods
    • The equivalent is required for services rendered when documentation is available
  • Departments who electronically acknowledge receipt of goods and services do not need to retain hard copies of the packing slips

Invoicing and payment

Entering a packing slip will not affect invoicing and payment in any way.

Creating an electronic packing slip in Marketplace is for the department to use as electronic record-keeping only.

Getting started

Electronic Packing Slips are available in Marketplace. Download the quick guide (PDF) to start using it today. If you have questions or would like a group training, contact Jenn Glassman.

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