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Learn how to use the Lab/ Work Groups function in Marketplace.

Organize orders by Lab/ Work Group to allow for real-time:

  • monitoring,
  • reporting, and
  • data analysis of the orders made for the group in Marketplace.

The Lab/ Work Group may be any group, such as a Lab, Project Team, or Division, not already represented by other Marketplace organizational groupings.

Note: Buying authorizations & approvals are not affected by this function

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How to set up the Lab/ Work Group

  • Fill out the Marketplace Lab/ Work Group Setup Form (PDF)
  • Send the form to the Marketplace Help Desk through ASK (login required)
  • Marketplace will notify you when the Lab or Work Group has been established

How to add the Lab or Work Group to the user's Profile

  1. From the Profile' tab, navigate to the My Account tab
  2. Click on the My Personal Info tab
  3. Click the Edit button associated with the Lab/ Work Group field
  4. Click the Search button on the left side of your screen
  5. Search for the name of your Lab or Work Group in the Value field
  6. Check the box next to the appropriate Lab or Work Group and click Add Values
  7. To default a Lab or Work Group, click on its name from the list on the left. A new box labeled 'Edit Existing Value' will pop up on the right. Check the Default checkbox and click Save to default a Lab or Work Group to your Profile. Note: You can choose multiple Labs or Work Groups to add to your Profile

How to change the Lab or Work Group designated in your Cart during Checkout

If you shop for multiple Labs or Work Groups, you can change the Lab/Work Group associated with the order while you are checking out.

  1. Navigate to the Final Review step during Checkout and click the Edit button within the Order Info box 
  2. Click the Select From My Profile Values link if the Lab or Work Group has already been added to your profile.  If the Lab or Work Group has not been added to your Profile, click Select from UCSD Values to search for a different Lab or Work Group. 

How to search through Order History by Lab/Work Group

  1. Click on the Order History tab
  2. Depending on the type of document you would like to review, select one of the following: the 'PO History tab, the Requisition History tab or the Invoice History tab
  3. Check the Filter checkbox to turn on all filter
  4. Within the UCSD Specific Information Filters section, locate the Lab/ Work Group field. Select the appropriate Lab or Work Group from the Select From My Profile Values drop-down if the Lab or Work Group has been added to your Profile or click Select From UCSD Values if the Lab or Work group is not in your Profile. 

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