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Express Order

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Learn how the Express Order greatly simplifies buying and paying for some of UCSD's more frequently used supplies and services.

Designated Express Order vendors process all qualified UCSD orders following the Express Order method.


  • No purchase orders to process
  • No invoices to be paid
  • Charges are submitted electronically, so payment is timely
  • Web statements are available immediately after payment
  • Ordering by phone and, for some vendors, online

What you need to place an order

  • Approved Express Order vendor
  • Valid and active accounting codes
    • Index (7-character code)
    • Your buyer code (4-digit code) or one of an authorized person in your department

Other requirements

  • All purchases must comply with the Items Restricted From FinancialLink Department Order. Express Order buyers and release agents must read these guidelines before committing orders to any approved Express Order vendor.
  • Departments must review their online statements and reconcile transactions in a timely manner.
  • Note: Express Order transactions may also be accessed from the operating ledger in FinancialLink by clicking on the statement number in the Doc. Ref. column.

  • Packing slips should be matched to the data on the online statements.
  • Billing discrepancies should be investigated immediately by contacting the vendor.


  • The daily order limit for all other Express Order vendors including tax, freight, and handling cannot exceed $2,500 per vendor
  • Purchase of equipment is prohibited (University assets)

General procedures and guidelines:

For more information about using the Express Order process, please see Express Order General Procedures and Guidelines.

What you can buy

Goods or services Vendor and ordering information
Laundry and linen services Mission Linen Supply
Service on X-ray machines and supplies Merry X-Ray
Temporary staffing UCSD Temporary Employment Services


Note: this page has a friendly link that's easy to remember: http://blink.ucsd.edu/go/exorder