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Express Card: Transaction Review Process

Learn about the post-transaction review process for Express Card transactions.

The Express Card Program Team reviews both randomly selected and specific transactions to ensure that:

  • Cardholders and departments comply with Express Card policies
  • Purchases are properly authorized as official University business

This review process identifies transactions that might be considered high risk, as well as trends and usage to manage associated risks for procurement card activity.

If you are an Express Card Department Administrator or Cardholder, you may receive an e-mail asking you to provide documentation, receipts and/or a detailed business purpose for selected transactions. If you receive one:

  • Pull the documentation or receipt for the selected transaction(s)
  • Attach the requested documentation or update the business purpose using the ECManager Attachment Tool within five working days

Note: If the documentation, receipt or additional information is not uploaded to the transaction within five days, you will receive a second e-mail. This e-mail requires action within five days, or the cardholder's buying privileges will be suspended.