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How to Exchange or Return Express Card Purchases

Follow these instructions for exchanging or returning Express Card purchases.

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1. Contact the vendor.

  • Contact the vendor and request an exchange or credit.
  • If you are returning the item in person, proceed to step 2.
  • If you are shipping the item, find out the vendor's packaging and labeling requirements for returning the item, then proceed to step 2.
    Note: If you experience a problem when attempting to return or exchange an item, you can file a dispute to request that U.S. Bank take action on your behalf.

2. Verify card number.

  • If the transaction is a return, ask the vendor to credit the same account you used to purchase the item.
  • If the transaction is an exchange, ask the vendor to apply any credit or additional charge to the same account you used to purchase the item.

3. Obtain documentation.

  • Request credit or exchange documentation from the merchant in one of the following forms:
    • Charge slip
    • Sales receipt
    • Credit slip
    • Packing slip

4. Provide documentation.

  • Provide the credit or exchange documentation obtained in step 3 to your Express Card Department Administrator (ECDA).

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