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Express Card Cardholder Responsibilities

Learn about the responsibilities of being an Express Card cardholder.

If your department has approved you for an Express Card, you must use the card responsibly in accordance with the cardholder guidelines below.

Cardholder responsibilities include

  • Purchasing items for UCSD business use only
  • Never lending or sharing your Express card
  • Purchasing only allowable goods and services, not restricted items
  • Keeping all purchases to less than $4,999 (splitting purchases into multiple transactions to avoid the $4,999 limit is not allowed)
  • Returning the Express Card when reassigned or terminated, or upon department request
  • Providing the purchase documentation either by forwarding to your Express Card Department Administrator or attaching 'Itemized Receipt/Proof of Payment' using the Attachment Tool
  • Knowing and understanding responsible buying practices, including the Purchasing Code of Ethics

Cardholders must also be familiar with their funding sources

  • In addition to avoiding violations of Express Card policy, cardholders should understand the terms and conditions of their department funding sources.
  • The Express Card cannot be used to purchase goods or services that are not allowable under the terms of state or federal funds.

If you are uncertain about your fund source restrictions, contact your Express Card department administrator.