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Express Card Account Alerts

Express Card cardholders, find out what to do if you are contacted regarding fraud on your Visa Express Card.

About Fraud Alerts

U.S. Bank and UCSD work together to monitor suspicious activity on Express Cards. The bank can often recognize fraud by comparing it to UCSD's account profile and the cardholder's typical purchasing pattern.

If the bank suspects fraudulent activity on your Express Card, it will put an "account alert" on the card and call you to:

  • Review recent transactions and account activity
  • Identify fraudulent activity
  • Cancel the card (if necessary) and issue a replacement card
  • Credit the account for any fraudulent transactions

Note: The bank will never request private information by e-mail.

If U.S. Bank calls you to verify your Express Card activity

  • Give your employee number instead of your Social Security number. (You should never have to give your Social Security number.)
  • Give your own UCSD phone number as the telephone number.
  • Give 9500 Gilman Drive and your department Mail Code as the address.
  • Review recent transactions for possible fraudulent activity.
  • Notify your Express Card Department Administrator if the bank cancelled your card.

Note: If the bank can't reach you and leaves a message, your account will stay on alert status until you call U.S. Bank Fraud Investigations, (800) 523-9078 or (701) 461-2042 (you can call collect).

Enroll in real-time fraud alerts

U.S. Bank cardholders can elect to receive a real-time fraud alert via SMS text and/or email when suspicious activity has been detected on their Express Card. You will be able to reply on the spot that the transaction is valid or fraudulent, ensuring fewer unnecessary declines and quick protection in the event of attempted fraud.

  • If you receive a fraud alert via SMS text, your card will be put in “FR” (fraud) status, and subsequent activity will be declined. You will have 15 minutes to respond “valid” or “fraud.”
    • By responding “valid,” the fraud block on your card will be cleared, and no further transactions will be affected.
    • By confirming “fraud,” your card will be protected from additional activity. You can either call the number provided in the text, or a U.S. Bank fraud agent will contact you shortly.
    • If you receive an email alert, you should call the service center number provided in your email.
      • You will not be able to respond to the email to clear the fraud.
      • The alert will follow the existing fraud-detection process, and a U.S. Bank fraud analyst will call you.

U.S. Bank Fraud Alert FAQ (PDF)

How to register your card with U.S. Bank Access Online and enroll in real-time fraud alerts.