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Express Card Department Administrator Responsibilities

Learn about the responsibilities of Express Card Department Administrators.

Employees must receive approval from their department business officer to become Express Card Department Administrators (ECDAs). They must also complete an authorization process before assuming the responsibilities detailed below.

ECDAs are responsible for:

  • Ensuring that these procedures are in place before employees acquire Express Cards:
    • Timely reconciliation
    • Appropriate record keeping
    • Separation of duties
  • Handling these administrative duties:
    • Using ECManager to request new cards
    • Using ECManager to terminate accounts and inactive cards
    • Receiving and reviewing e-mail notifications for Express Card activity
  • Ensuring all documentation is attached to each Express Card transaction
  • Reviewing all Express Card transactions made by the Express Card holders assigned to them
    • Although the ECDA is ultimately responsible for reviewing all transactions, if there are more than ten Express Cards assigned to a single ECDA at least one transaction reviewer must be designated to assist in the review process
  • Answering cardholder questions about special fund restrictions
  • Monitoring card usage to ensure that Purchasing, Disbursements, and internal control policies and procedures are being followed
  • Knowing the Express Card limitations and restrictions
  • Sharing new program information with cardholders