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Express Card: ECManager Redistribution Account Codes

Learn about Express Card’s account code redistribution process.

UCSD initiated the Financial Accounting Improvement Project (FAIP) to improve the quality of financial information and accounting processes. This team evaluated current system controls to ensure appropriate account codes were used for the different accounting processes.

The FAIP team recommended that Express Card transactions be charged to the appropriate account code rather than to the default 638018 Express Card Other Supplies and Expense.

Express Card department administrators and/or transaction reviewers should use the ECManager redistribution process to:

  • Modify transactions to record the transaction to the appropriate account (preferred method)
  • Prepare an ENPET to record the transaction to the appropriate account code after the transaction has posted to the operating ledger (use only if above method is not possible)
If the account code needed for redistribution is not in ECManager:
  • Send a request to expresscard@ucsd.edu
  • Include the requested account code in the body of the message
The Express Card Program Team is evaluating systematic methods for assigning account codes prior to posting to the operating ledger. We will continue to investigate this approach to ensure we are complying with campus initiatives.