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How to Get Started Using the Express Card Program

Follow these instructions to begin using the Express Card program in your department.

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1. Review the checklist.

2. Assign Express Card Department Administrator (ECDA) role(s).

  • Ask your business officer to assign the ECDA role to one or more qualified members of your department.
    • The ECDA(s) will oversee program compliance and administration for your department.
  • Read about administrator responsibilities for more information.

3. Train the ECDA(s).

4. Identify cardholders.

  • Identify cardholder candidates who either have or will be given purchasing authority.

5. Qualify cardholder candidates.

6. Open new accounts.

7. Receive and activate cards.

  • Receive cards and request that cardholders activate them.

8. Assign additional roles.

  • Assign these additional Express Card roles, if necessary, to support program use in your department:
    • Administrative support
    • Transaction reviewer

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