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ECManager Overview

Learn about using ECManager, the online tool for managing Express Card accounts, roles, and transactions.

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ECManager features

ECDAs use ECManager to complete the following Express Card processes online:

  • Assign and manage cards
  • Assign and manage program roles
  • Review transactions
  • Change index and account codes
  • Split transaction amounts between indexes and account codes
  • View reports
  • Attach required documentation to each transaction using the Attachment Tool

For a complete list of ECManager functions, see Express Card.

Getting started with ECManager

How you start using ECManager depends on whether your department is new to the Express Card program. See below for more information:

If your department used the Express Card program on or before 06/01/2004:

  • You can begin to use ECManager immediately.
  • You are already estabished as an ECDA.
  • Your cardholders and their account information has been entered.
  • You will automatically receive e-mail notificaton of pending Express Card transactions that are available for your review.

Note: You will need to assign transaction reviewer and administrative support roles using ECManager if your department uses these roles. For assistance, contact the Express Card Program Team.

If your department is new to the Express Card program:

Reviewing transactions

When Express Card transactions are displayed in ECManager, the cardholder, transaction reviewer, and ECDA receive e-mails indicating that pending transactions await review.

The transaction reviewer and department administrator have 10 calendar days to review transactions and make changes before the transactions are posted to the operating ledger. Transactions not modified prior to the posting date must be modified via the ENPET process.

Note: The e-mail notification allows cardholders to view their transactions. Only ECDAs and transaction reviewers can change transactions.

Your review of transactions should include:
  • Confirming fund source and policy compliance
  • Confirming Express Card program compliance
  • Determining use tax accuracy and recalculating use tax, when necessary
  • Changing the indexes and account codes when desired
  • Splitting funds between indexes and account codes when desired

For specific instructions, see reviewing transactions.

Sales tax information in ECManager

UCSD is subject to a 8.00% California sales tax on goods and services considered taxable by the California State Board of Equalization.

Sales tax displays on the redistribution screen in ECManager if sales tax applies and if the vendor is capable of reporting it separately from the transaction total.
Note: Level II and III vendors are capable of separating tax as a separate line item but might not do so.

See below for more information:

Level I Vendors - Because these vendors CANNOT separate sales tax from the transaction total:
  • The sales tax will be included in the transaction total column.
  • The Sales Tax field will display 0.00.

Level II & III Vendors - Because these vendors CAN separate sales tax from the transaction total:

  • The Sales Tax field may display the amount of sales tax charged at the point of sale.

Note: The Sales Tax field in ECManager cannot be updated.

Use tax information in ECManager

UCSD is subject to a 8.00% use tax on goods and services that are purchased out of state and that the California State Board of Equalization considers taxable.

ECManager automatically calculates use tax for out-of-state vendors that do not report tax separately. The tax amount will display in the use tax field and can be changed by the ECDA if an error is discovered during the review process.

Changes to Express Card transactions, including the use tax field, must occur within 10 days of receiving the transaction review notification by e-mail.

For more information on sales and use tax, see Sales and Use Tax Overview.

Posting process

During the Express Card process, UCSD receives transaction data from U.S. Bank and uploads it into ECManager where it can be viewed and updated by ECDAs and transaction reviewers. After 10 calendar days, the data is posted to the operating ledger.

For more information, see the Express Card Process.

How to get help

If you need help using ECManager, check the menu for complete instructions on ECManager processes.

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Note: this page has a friendly link that's easy to remember: http://blink.ucsd.edu/go/ecmanager