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ECManager: Cancel an Express Card

Follow these instructions to cancel an existing Express Card.

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1. Obtain the card.

  • Obtain the card you plan to cancel from the cardholder.

2. Log in.

  • Access ECManager.
  • Enter your user ID and password.
  • Click Cancel a card.

3. Locate the cardholder name.

  • Locate the cardholder name in the list provided.
  • If you manage a large number of cardholders, you can conduct a search by:
    1. Completing one of the search options at the top of the screen
    2. Clicking Display List

4. Cancel the card.

  • Click the Cancel icon associated with the cardholder.
  • Enter a comment to the Program Administrator in the box provided (optional).
  • Click Cancel card.
  • Confirm the cancellation by clicking OK on the pop-up box.
    Note: You will receive this message: "Cancellation successful."

Note: The cardholder and the ECDA will receive e-mail notification of this cancellation.

5. Destroy the card.

  • Cut the card in half and dispose of it.

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