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Providing Goods and/or Services to the University

Suppliers to UC San Diego, learn key steps to perform before delivering goods and/or services to the University.

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1. Figure out how your goods/services will be purchased by the University

There are two primary ways the University buys and pays for goods and/or services
  1. Purchase Order:
    • Request a purchase order number before conducting business with the University
    • In order to issue a purchase order, your company must be registered in the University’s buying website, Marketplace
    • Information about the registration process:
      • The department you are working with issues the registration form to you
      • The form is completed online, it is secure and encrypted
      • The form requires tax identification information, include Federal Tax ID/Social Security Number as appropriate
      • The form requests information about where to email a copy of the purchase order, where to mail checks, and if you are a small/diverse business
  2. Express Card:
    • Sometimes using a purchase order to buy and pay for goods/services is not the best fit for the circumstance
    • The University encourages departments to use their Express Cards for low-risk, infrequent, and low-dollar purchases
    • An Express Card is a Purchasing Credit Card provided by the University to authorized employees
    • Some goods and services are restricted from being used on the Express Card – view a restricted list.
  • Restricted Goods/Services
    • Some goods and services are restricted from both a purchase order and Express Card, such as:
      • Catering
      • Gifts/Awards, including flowers for the purpose of a gift/award
      • Travel-related expenses
    • View a complete list of restricted goods and services here

2. Learn the options for invoicing and payment

  • If you received a purchase order number for your goods/services:
    • Include the purchase order number on your invoice
    • Mail your invoice to the following address: 9500 Gilman Dr, MC0955, La Jolla CA 92093
    • Expect to receive payment within 30 days of the invoice date
    • Avoid receiving paper checks - sign up for automated payment options
  • If your goods/services were purchased with an Express Card, then you have received payment
    • Be sure to send a copy of the receipt to the specific employee who placed the order with you

3. Be aware of possible tax implications

  • UC San Diego is subject to California sales tax, when applicable. Suppliers registered to do business in California should charge sales tax when it is due. Find out more about sales and use tax.
  • UC San Diego may be required to withhold federal or state income tax when services are provided. California nonresident withholding is required on all services totaling over $1,500 in a calendar year when the services are physically performed in California. Find out more about nonresident withholding.

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