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Paymode-X - ACH/Direct Deposit through UC San Diego

Learn about Paymode-X, one of UC San Diego's preferred payment methods.

Paymode X logoPaymode-X is an electronic payment network designed to provide our suppliers with security, efficiency and opportunities for cost savings. Payment is issued in the form of direct deposit/ ACH and automatically deposited in the supplier’s bank account. This payment option is subject to additional benefits and fees imposed by Paymode-X.

Suppliers enrolled in Paymode-X

The Disbursements - Payment Services team is targeting specific suppliers to enroll in this preferred payment product. Enrollment is optional.

By enrolling in this payment product, suppliers will benefit from a secure and efficient way of receiving payments. For more information on the Paymode-X network please visit their website or contact Payment Services on the UC San Diego Services & Support portal.

How suppliers should update their bank account details

Suppliers have the ability to update their bank account information by logging into their Paymode-X portal. For instructions on how to make these changes, suppliers may use these step by step instructions (PDF).

How to cancel or stop a payment

To request to cancel a payment, follow these instructions:

Submit a request via the Services & Support portal.

  • Include the payee name, payment number and amount.
  • Due to the urgency of the request, include the Payment Services Manager on your request:

How to retrieve payment details

Payment Compass is a self-service tool available to both internal and external clients designed to provide invoice and payment details.

Paymode-X customer service and welcome packet

If suppliers have questions about enrollment in Paymode-X or other questions regarding their account, they should contact Paymode-X's customer support services.

If suppliers need additional information on Paymode-X, they may review the Welcome Packet (PDF).

For questions specific to payment details or other disbursements related questions, please contact us at UC San Diego Services & Support portal.

Find answers, request services, or get help from our team at the UC San Diego Services & Support portal.