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Request a New Payee Set Up

Find out how to request for a new payee to be set up for MyPayments.

A payee record must exist prior to creating a MyPayments payment document for the payee. If you can can not locate the payee you are searching for, a payee record may still need to be set up. A new payee can be requested through MyPayments' New Payee Request process.

MyPayments includes a payee set-up request form, links to any additional required forms that need to be included, and provides a way to upload the forms along with the request form submittal. Standard turnaround time for the payee set-up to be completed is up to two working daysDisbursements will send a confirmation that the payee record has been created, along with a payee ID and address code.

1. Complete the Payee Usage Questions

You can access the payee set-up request form from either the Payee Information screen when creating a payment document, or from the Search for a document or payee screen. To access the form, click on the link to Request a new payee.

Complete the Payee Usage Questions to determine whether additional forms are required to be included with the set-up request.

  • If the payment is subject to reportable income, and the payee is a U.S. person, a W-9 form will be required.
  • If the payment is subject to reportable income, and the payee is not a U.S. person, a Glacier Record Request form will be required.

Upload completed forms using the form upload fields.

2. Complete the Payee Information

Complete the Payee Information. The following fields are required:

  • Payee Name
  • Payee Tax ID, or Reason Why Payee Tax ID is Not Available
  • Reason for Payment
  • Payee Address
  • Payee City
  • Payee State
  • Payee Zip

When the New Payee Request form is completed, click the yellow Submit a New Payee Request button.

To ask questions, request a service, or report an issue, contact us through ASK (login required).