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Payment or Reimbursement for Insurance

How to request a direct payment for an insurance company or a reimbursement to the insured.

A MyPayments document should be prepared to request a direct payment to Garnett-Powers Insurance Company or a reimbursement to the insured. A MyPayments document must be submitted before the IPPS-Payment Request team can process payment on your behalf. Departments cannot use their Express Card to process payment directly with Garnett-Powers Insurance Company.

When creating a MyPayments document, include the following information:

  • Use Payment Type 'Other'
  • Enter Account Code "637575" in the 'Accounting Distribution' section.
  • Title of insured (e.g. visiting graduate student, visiting post doc, visiting scholar)
  • Attach an email verification from the Graduate Division or the Vice Chancellor's Research Office indicating the appointment date for the insured

Note: If the insured is a foreign citizen, they must be set up in Glacier prior to creating your MyPayments document. For questions concerning the Glacier process, submit a case in ASK with category: Invoices, Bills, and Payments.