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How to Pay for Employee Incentive Awards: Cash-Equivalent Development Allowance

Use this step-by-step guide to pay for an employee development incentive award, which may include an allowance for registration fees, anticipated travel, and other associated costs.

Deadlines for incentive awards are 5 business days before the PPS deadline (except in June, when the deadline is the second Monday of the month).

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1. Review the award guidelines

2. Gather necessary information

  • Gather the following information:
    • Employee's ID
    • Employee's title code
    • Employee's Social Security number
    • Employee's pay schedule (monthly or biweekly)
    • Index and fund to be charged for the award
    • Bargaining unit code
    • Award amount paid fiscal year to date (FYTD)
    • Annual base salary

3. Complete the Award Payment Authorization form

4. Acquire approval

  • Have your department's authorized approver sign the Award Payment Authorization form.

5. Copy your request

  • Make a copy of your request for your records.

6. Submit the request

  • Mail the completed request to the Payroll Office, Mail Code 0952.

7. Determine the pay date

  • The development allowance will be paid on the employee's next scheduled payday. The pay date depends on:
    • The date Payroll receives your request
    • The Payroll deadline for the pay period

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Notice: This is a summary of campus business services. In case of conflict in interpretation, the actual policies apply.