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Gifts and Awards: Flowers

Read the guidelines when purchasing flowers for employees or non-employees in certain situations.


  • Gifts of flowers fall under the UC policy for non-cash awards, sympathy and retirement gifts.
  • Purchase flowers infrequently, not as a common occurrence.
  • Purchases must be $75 or less in value, not including sales tax and delivery.
  • Flowers may be purchased to recognize the birth of an employee's child. 

You may not use a Department Order, Express Card, or Marketplace to purchase flowers because these processes do not allow for approval by the appropriate person. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Purchasing flowers as gifts is not allowed for occasions that are personal in nature, such as:

  • Employee birthdays
  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Nonretirement farewell gatherings
  • Administrative Professionals' Day (Secretary's Day)

For more detailed guidelines including allowable fund source, see:

To pay for purchases of flowers:

Notice: UCSD's non-cash award policy is derived from UC Policy and Regulations. Published policy is decisive as it has been adapted to UCSD's organization, delegation of authority, terminology, and chart of accounts.