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How to Reconcile and/or Return Scrip Orders In MyPayments

Learn how to account for scrip in MyPayments.

Scrip orders printed after December 7, 2015 will be reconciled electronically by document number within MyPayments.

Follow these accountability guidelines when distributing and reconciling Scrip. See instructions for reconciling Scrip orders printed prior to December 7, 2015 (PDF).

Helpful Tips

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1. Login to MyPayments to access Scrip Inbox.

  • Select appropriate document number to reconcile.
    • Note: the document status will show as complete, this refers to the Scrip order and not the reconciliation. When the reconciliation is complete the document number will drop off the preparer’s inbox.
  • Mark each Scrip as Distributed or Cancelled (see section 2). Status changes to individual Scrip can be made at any time until status for all scrip are marked as distributed and/or cancelled.
  • Once all Scrip are marked as distributed and/or cancelled, use the “send for review” feature to obtain PI’s certification.If the trial is confidential:
    • Preparer can add text such as project number, index, and anonymity statement.
    • PI will receive an email notification with the MyPayments document number hyperlinked.
    • PI should click on the link and reply to confirm the success of the research effort was dependent upon individuals remaining anonymous and to provide their approval.
    • Retain the list of recipients in a secure area within your department.
  • If the trial is not confidential: 
    • Attach the completed Scrip Issue Log (Excel) (PDF) to the document number being reconciled.
  • Use the “send for review” feature to electronically route document to PI. Once PI approval is obtained, preparer will select submit and reconciliation is complete. Document will be removed from preparers Scrip inbox. Completed certifications are routed to the Payment Services team for final review.

2. Return unused Scrip at end of study or when stale dated.

  • Write "void" on each individual Scrip that was indicated as cancelled within reconciliation tool.
  • Print reconciliation summary from tool and attach to voided Scrip. Forward to Scrip Program Administrator, Mail Code 0955.

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