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Enhancements to MyPayments

See a list of new enhancements to MyPayments.

MyPayments (login required) will be receiving a series of enhancements starting on May 15.

New MyPayments Dashboard

New MyPayments Dashboard

Open the drawers to learn more. Numbered sections above correspond to numbered drawers below.

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1. Welcome to MyPayments

The welcome message highlights what types of request can be processed through MyPayments

2. Announcement Banner

The announcement banner is where IPPS will post important information such as policy or maintenance updates.

3. Processing Times

Ever wonder what the average processing times are for certain payment types? Cycle times will now be displayed for each payment type based on the average processing time for that payment type in the last 30 days.

Note: While we are still working on automating these calculations, this window may not be available on May 15 but it will be added shortly.

4. Available Actions Menu

A list of actions that you can immediately perform within MyPayments will be posted here

5. Approvals/Reviews Queue

A link to documents pending your approval will appear under the Approvals/Reviews queue, along with the number of pending documents. 

Types of document approval queues that may appear here:

  • Department: Requires Fund Manager approval
  • Department Head: Requires Department Head approval
  • Host: Hosted event that requires Official Host approval
  • Standard Entertainment: Events requiring Standard Entertainment approval
  • Special Entertainment: Events requiring Special Entertainment approval
  • Reviews: Documents that have been sent to you for additional review
  • My Assigned Approvals: Currently assigned to you as the approver
  • My Approval History: Documents that you have personally approved

6. Inbox

Documents that you have created and/or submitted as a preparer will appear in the Inbox, along with the number of pending documents. 

Types of inbox queues that may appear here:

  • Draft Documents: Documents that you have started, but have not submitted
  • Pending Documents: Documents that you have submitted, but have not been approved
  • Completed Documents: Documents that you have submitted, and have been approved at all required levels
  • Gift Card Documents: Gift Card documents that you submitted and still need recipient names to be added
  • SCRIP Documents: Scrip documents that you have submitted and still need recipient names to be added

7. Other Tools & Resources

This section contains quick links to other common IPPS or financial applications that you might use on a daily basis.

Events Payment Type (Transition of MyEvents into MyPayments)

With the MyEvents transition into MyPayments, entertainment expenses that do not require a contract* will now be submitted through MyPayments using the new "Events" payment type, which includes: Hosting, Meeting, Celebrating, Attending, Extending, Providing, and Sponsoring.

*Catering that requires a contract should be processed through Marketplace. 

Note: Medical Center employees now have access to MyPayments to process payments that fall under this new Events payment type only. Marketplace access can also be granted to Medical Center employees if they are making purchases using campus funding. 

MyPayments Event Payment Types

Assigning Documents

When reviewing a document that you have access to approve, you can assign it to yourself by clicking on the pencil icon under the Assigned Approver column.

Within this column, you will also see if it has already been assigned by someone else. If needed, you have the ability to “take” ownership of a document away from someone by clicking on the pencil icon next to their name. Any documents personally assigned to you will appear in the My Assigned Approvals queue under Approvals/Review on the MyPayments homepage.

Assigning an Approver in MyPayments

Leaving Comments

Not quite ready to approve a document because you are waiting to confirm some information?

You can now leave a comment to keep track of what you are waiting on! Click on the pencil icon under the Comments column:

 MyPayments Comments

You will then be prompted to type in your comment and save:

Comments Box

Updated Send for Review

We have updated the Send for Review functionality so the dialogue box now opens on the document summary screen. This allows you to view the document details while sending it for review.

Send for review

Direct Reporting Prompts for 'Send for Review'

As a Department/Fund Approver, does your department constantly have to add a temporary approver because you are approving a document for a payee that you report to?

This is no longer necessary! When you indicate that you report directly or indirectly to the payee, you will be prompted to Send for Review:

Direct Reporting

When the reviewer completes their review, you will be notified that you can now go in to approve the document. All of the Send for Review activity will be documented in the Review Text history of the document.

New Document Summary Link

Have you ever found yourself needing to review or print the document summary of a new document that you just submitted?

Instead of having to navigate back to the document from the homepage, we have added a link that takes you right back to the document summary page after you Submit the document:

Document Summary Link

Event Groups

Do you find yourself typing in similar attendees on a regular basis for different types of events?

Save this list of attendees as an Event Group to use in the future! With event groups you can:

  • Create a group of attendees and save it to your MyPayments profile:

Event Groups

  • Share an existing group of attendees with another employee that can use the same list:

Event Group Sharing

  • Use the Event Group when submitting a new document for an Event:

Event Group List Type

Updated Travel Card Posting for Events

Do you recall how payments to a Travel Card processed through MyEvents would create and post to the ledger as a Trip?

Now when Travel Card payments are processed through MyPayments using one of the new Events Payment Types, it will post on the ledger like all of the other Event Payment Types. MyPayments will generate a payment to the Travel Card without having to create a trip, and a separate number. 

Note: Payments to the Travel Cards processed as part of a Trip in MyTravel will still post to the ledger as a Trip.

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