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Copy a Document

Find out how to copy an existing document in MyPayments.

New payment documents can be created by copying an existing document, allowing a preparer to quickly create multiple payments of the same type.

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1. Select a Document

  • To start, find the document that you want to copy. Documents can be selected for copying from either the Inbox, or from a document search
  • Select the document by clicking on the Document ID.

2. Copy the Document

  • From the document summary page, select Copy document from the Available Actions menu.
  • On the following prompt page, click on the Copy the Document button.

3. Modify New Document

  • A new document will be created, with a new Document ID number assigned to it.
  • Modify the new document as needed.
    • The starting location in the new document will be on the Document Information section. The Payee and Payment Questions information from the original document will be retained. If you wish to change the information on either of these sections, select the section using the document progress bar. 
    • Move through the document sections using the Next button, or click in the progress bar on the document section that you wish to edit.
    • Note: You can not change the payment type.
  • Complete the required document edits and proceed to the Review and Submit section.

4. Complete Document

  • Check the details of the document displayed on the Review and Submit page.
    • If you need to make corrections to the document, you can click on the section needing correction in the document progress bar at the top of the screen.
  • If the information is accurate, click the I Agree that the information is valid checkbox.
  • When ready to submit the document, click the Complete Document button.
    • Edits made to the document after submitting will reset the approval workflow. 

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