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Approving MyPayments Documents

Find out how to approve an existing document in MyPayments.

Payment documents which have been completed by the preparer and entered the approval workflow require departmental approval prior to being approved by Disbursements. Documents that have entered the approval workflow can also be edited, however, editing the document will result in resetting the approval workflow. Certain payment types, such as Awards, Gifts, Prizes also require Department Head approval prior to being approved by Disbursements. MyPayments Approvers and Department Head roles are managed using the Business Unit Management Tool.

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1. Open the MyPayments Document

  • You can access MyPayments documents for approval from either Pending Approvals in FinancialLink, or directly from MyPayments.
    • If you're not logged in to Single Sign-On (SSO), you'll see the SSO screen. Log on with your user ID and password.
    • Clicking on the MyPayments Approval link in FinancialLink will take you to the MyPayments Inbox.

Note: If you don't have a user ID and password, see How to Get Access to UCSD Business Systems.

  • From the MyPayments Inbox, find the document that you want to review. Documents can be selected for approving from the Approvals table. You can also search for documents to approve by using the seach feature, for more information see how to Search for a Document or Payee.
    • If a document does not appear in the Approvals table, it is either not currently pending approval by the user, or the user is not authorized as an approver of the document.
  • Select the document by clicking on the Document ID. This will take you to the document summary and approval screen.
    • Hovering over the Amount field will display the payment document's accounting distribution information.
    • A yellow flag to the right of the payment document indicates that an approver has previously viewed this document.

2. Approve Document or Select Other Actions

From the document summary and approval screen, choose one of the following actions:

  • Approve document
    • Review all sections of the document to ensure that the information is accurate and complete, and that all required documentation has been included.
    • Check the agreement box indicating that you do not report directly or indirectly to the payee.
    • Click the yellow Approve and send to next required level button.
    • Completion of the document approval will return you to the Inbox screen, and an approval confirmation message will display.

You can also:

  • Add or delete Documentation
    • Use the links in the Documentation section to add or delete an attachment. The documentation type can be changed using the drop-down field, and the Description can be edited by clicking in the field.
  • Edit document
    • From the Available Actions menu, select Edit document to make changes prior to approving. 
  • Edit Accounting Distribution
    • From the Available Actions menu, select Edit Accounting Distribution to make changes to the accounting distribution only and return to the Approval screen.
  • Send for Review
    • From the Available Actions menu, select Send for Review to send document to a reviewer.
    • The reviewer will receive an email request to review the document.
    • The reviewer can add a comment, the response is sent to the approver and is added to the document Audit Trail.
  • Take no action and Return to MyPayments home
    • Select this option from the Available Actions menu if no action is desired at the current time.

3. Department Head Approval

  • Documents requiring Department Head approval will have a status of Pending Department Head Approval, and will appear in the Approval table of the designated Department Head. Only payment types requiring Department Head approval (Awards, Gifts, Prizes) will automatically move to Pending Department Head Approval in the approval workflow.
    • Follow the steps above to approve documents.
  • To send documents for optional Department Head review, MyPayments Approvers should use the Send for Review option in the Available Actions menu.

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