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How to Process Non-Marketplace Vendor Invoices that Require Authorized Approval Signature

Find out how to arrange payment for a non-Marketplace invoice of $10,000 or more.

Authorized approval signatures are required on invoices associated with a non-Marketplace purchase, equal to or greater than $10,000, and dated August 1, 2009 or later.

Prior to August 1, signatures were required on invoices $5,000 or more. Vendors should send invoices directly to Disbursements for initial handling. Invoices are then forwarded to the department for review and approval signature. When you receive this type of invoice from Disbursements, follow the steps below.

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1. Check the invoice to make sure it matches the purchase and to verify receipt.

  • Check for the following items:
    • Goods or services have been received
    • Price for goods or services is correct
  • If an item on the invoice is not correct, follow up as noted below:
    • Goods or services have not been received: Inform the vendor immediately; do not approve the invoice until the situation is resolved. Contact a member of the Accounts Payable Team if you need assistance.
    • The charges are incorrect: Contact the vendor and ask for a credit memo and a corrected invoice. After you receive the credit memo, please follow the directions on How to Process a Credit Memo.

2. Get the invoice approved.

  • The original invoice must be signed by a person in the department authorized to approve invoices for payment.
  • The approver must also print their name under their signature.

The approver must have a signature authorization on file in Disbursements for the fund source being charged.

3. Send the approved invoice to Disbursements.

  • Before you send the invoice, make a copy for your files.
  • Send the signed invoice to the Disbursements, Mail Code 0955.

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