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Reviewing Invoices in Marketplace

Learn how your department's business unit approvers can review and certify invoices.

As a business unit approver, you are responsible for reviewing and certifying invoices that require approval at the business unit level.

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Review and certify action items

  1. If you received an e-mail, follow the enclosed link. If you are not set up to receive e-mail notifications, go to Marketplace.
  2. To find out if you have invoices that require certification, go to Orders, and Approvals and then click View My Approvals.
  3. Scroll to the business unit folder.
  4. In the Document No. column, click on the document number you want to review.
  5. Scroll down to review the Document Details section and verify that you have received the invoice items.
  6. After you have reviewed the Document Details, scroll to the Invoice Approval section and click the Edit button next to the question: Do you approve payment of this invoice?
    1. To approve an invoice:
      1. Select ‘Yes, I approve’ and click Save.
      2. Scroll to the top-right under Available Actions, select Approve and/or Complete Step and click Go.
        • The invoice will route for payment and no longer stop for review by Accounts Payable.
    2. To dispute an invoice:
      1. Select ‘No, I dispute. (leave a comment explaining why) and click Save.
      2. Scroll back to the top of the document, click on the Add Comment/Attachment tab.
      3. Click on the Add Comment button and provide a reason for disputing the invoice and click Add Comment/Attachment.
      4. Scroll to the top-right under Available Actions, select Approve and/or Complete Step and click Go.
        • Although it says 'Approve and/or Complete Step', the invoice will not be approved, but will route to Accounts Payable to be disputed.


  • These invoices will not be processed until you certify them.
  • Accounts Payable will no longer review invoices with the selection of ‘Yes, I approve.’
  • If you meant to dispute an invoice but selected ‘Yes, I approve,’ contact Accounts Payable immediately via ASK with the following in the subject line: “Dispute Error – Document Number XXXXXXX.”
  • If the supplier participates in a supplier-specific procurement card program, the payment will have already been made in most cases. Otherwise, payment will not be made until you certify the invoice.

Review notifications

These invoices have been processed. You can review them through your e-mail notifications or manually in the Marketplace application, but you don't need to take action unless there is an error on the invoice.

If you find an error, contact the supplier for a credit.

Set up your e-mail to receive notifications

If you set up your e-mail, you will receive notifications automatically that direct you to Marketplace when you have action items to certify.

  1. Open Marketplace.
  2. Click on your name at the top of the screen and select View My Profile.
  3. Click My Email Preferences.
  4. Search for and check the boxes next to Invoice Pending Approval/ Review and Invoice Notification Available.
  5. Click Save.

Find notifications in Marketplace.

If you don't receive notifications through e-mail, find them in Marketplace:

  1. Go to Marketplace and click the Approvals tab, then the Invoice tab.
  2. All documents listed under My Invoices for Review are there because the invoice is higher than the PO limit.
  3. Click on View to view document details.
  4. After reviewing your invoices, remove them from the list. From the My Invoices for Review section, click Remove in the far right corner under the Action heading.

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