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Marketplace Supplier Invoices

Read this page for important information about processing supplier invoices at UCSD.

If you're looking for information about bills you send to outside entities or students for services or goods your department provides, see How to Process a UCSD Invoice (Accounts Receivable).

The invoice process

When your department buys goods or services on Marketplace, the site automatically creates and sends a purchase order (P.O. number always starts with "9") to the supplier.

The supplier then submits an invoice (or bill) to UCSD to request payment. The invoice which corresponds with the PO should include the PO number and information about the goods or services, such as shipping date, quantity ordered, unit price, amount due and reflects the predetermined payment terms and conditions. There are currently two billing options:

  1. Electronically - when a supplier directly transmits invoice data electronically to UCSD, this is referred to as e-invoicing and is designated by an ei in Marketplace. At present, the number of suppliers is limited but growing as this is the preferred method by many suppliers and UCSD.
  2. Paper - a supplier submits the invoice by US mail directly to Disbursements as guided by the instructions on the PO.

The documents below are related to purchasing goods or services, but they are not invoices:

  • Statements
  • Packing slips
  • Sales order acknowledgements
  • Purchase orders
  • Order forms

Disbursements processes payment to suppliers by matching the invoices received to the Purchase Order and ensures payments are made within agreed terms. However, departments are responsible for verifying the charges on their ledger and contacting the supplier in case of discrepancies.

Departments can use these methods to monitor the invoice process:

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Review and certify invoices in Marketplace.

Business unit approvers are responsible for reviewing and certifying invoices above $10,000 and reviewing notifications of invoices equal to or less than $10,000.

Check the invoice receipt status.

The Disbursements Invoice Lookup Tool gives you access to the invoice image associated with a P.O that has been received by the Disbursements office over the last 2 years.  Status information is updated nightly.

Go to the Disbursements Invoice Lookup Tool, log on using your Single Sign-on ID, then:

  1. Choose your search criteria
    • Invoice number is limited to the last 9 digits and cannot contain spaces or special characters.
    • PO number must be between 6 and 9 characters, but you can search on a partial PO number by entering the first 3 characters.
    • Supplier ID is the University issued ID number.
    • Supplier name must be at least 3 characters, but you can search on a partial name.
    • Index numbers are 7 characters, but you can search on a partial Index number by entering at least the first 3 characters.
    • You can optionally enter a minimum and/or maximum dollar value to limit the search results by invoice amount.
    • You must supply at least one search value, not including Invoice Amount Range.
  2. Once you input the criteria, click Search. The results will display 10 per page with a maximum of 1000 invoices. You can sort by any of the title fields displayed along the top row. You can click on an invoice number to view an image of the invoice. If you would like to print or save a copy, click on the PDF icon in the upper left corner of the image.

Note: Only paper invoices are contained in this tool. To view invoice information on a standard template see next section.

Invoice Information In Marketplace.

An invoice template is available for all invoice transactions.  To view an invoice, log onto Marketplace, then:

  1. From the top tool bar on the far right, click the magnifying glass and use the drop down box to select the Purchase Order number.
  2. In the blank text box next to "Search for" criteria, type the P.O. number (starts with "9" and is 8 digits long).
  3. Click Go.
  4. The top of the screen should display "Status – P.O." (the P.O. number).
  5. Click on the Invoices tab.
  6. Click on the 8-digit Document number, starting with an 8.
    • The top of the screen will display "Summary – Document" (Doc #)
  7. From the Invoices tab, the following fields are displayed:
    1. Due Date: Displays when the payment will actually be processed (if the due date has past, payment will be processed within 24 hours of the export date)
    2. Invoice Status:
      1. In Process (See Approval Steps tab) – The Invoice is in a review process (see Approval Steps tab)
      2. Scheduled for Payment on Due Date – The invoice is complete and scheduled to be paid on due date
      3. Paid – Payment has been processed
      4. Cancelled – The Invoice is cancelled and will not be paid
    3. Payment Method: ACH, Payment Plus, or Check (Wires coming soon)
    4. Payment Date: Date payment was processed
    5. Payment No.: Payment document number

invoice status

Review the invoice payment status.

Go to FinancialLink, log on using your Single Sign-on ID, then:

  1. Click Reports in the left toolbox.
  2. Click Commonly Used Reports.
  3. Click Purchase Order.
    • This offers you a variety of search criteria. The easiest way to search is with the P.O. number.
    • Once you input the criteria, click Submit Form.
  4. Scroll down to the Ledger Transaction History section, and click on a document number starting with "8."
    • This takes you to the Invoice Summary, which provides detailed payment information.

Note: Several Marketplace suppliers accept a supplier specific procurement card. There is no payment history listed on the P.O. however the invoice summary lists a Journal Number for those transactions.

Invoice status can also be found on the Invoices tab associated with the P.O. in Marketplace. The Invoice Status field is located in the Document Details section, which updates every 24 hours. One of the following invoice statuses will appear:

  1. In Process (See Approval Steps tab) – The Invoice is in a review process (see Approval Steps tab)
  2. Scheduled for Payment on Due Date – The invoice is complete and scheduled to be paid on due date
  3. Paid – Payment has been processed
  4. Cancelled – The Invoice is cancelled and will not be paid

Review shipping charges.

UC San Diego is leveraging the UC system-wide strategically sourced relationship with Vantage Point Logistics (VPL) to partner with the UC contracted carrier, UPS, to manage and monitor inbound freight charges. VPL monitors supplier shipping charges and submits them electronically through Marketplace.

Shipping charges will be listed separately from the Purchase Order on the Operating Ledgers and VPL will be noted as the supplier for either UPS or FedEx charges. Note that handling charges are separate from shipping charges and will continue to be invoiced directly from the supplier who fulfilled the PO, not from VPL.

Here is an example of how it will look in FinLink:

supplier invoices in finlink

Adjust a paid supplier invoice.

Contact the supplier to request that a credit memo to be sent to Disbursements, Mail Code 0955.

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