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Electronic Invoicing with Transcepta

Learn more about electronic invoicing with Transcepta.

Electronic Invoicing (e-Invoicing) with Transcepta

UC San Diego has partnered with Transcepta, an electronic invoicing supplier network, in an effort to transition our Accounts Payable functions into a more streamlined and automated process. Transcepta reduces invoice processing times, costs associated with mailing and postage, and allows us to optimize electronic payment methods in order to meet payment terms.

As a University of California supplier, joining the Transcepta network is free and registration only takes a few minutes. Modifications to existing systems or invoice formats are not required.

Note:Transcepta registration is reserved for suppliers who submit 15+ invoices annually to UCSD

Benefits of e-Invoicing for suppliers

  • Accelerated payment. The faster we receive your invoice, the faster payment can be remitted, if enrolled in a preferred payment type. Payment terms are determined by the supplier’s selected payment type.
  • Secure invoice delivery within hours. This eliminates common invoice issues such as: data accuracy, lost invoices and duplicate payments.
  • Net overall cost reduction due to the elimination of printing, mailing supplies, and postage.

Benefits of e-Invoicing for UC San Diego

  • Improved accuracy: Electronic capture of invoices enables straight-through processing of critical business data into accounts payable systems without relying on error-prone, manual keying of data.
  • Increased AP productivity and efficiency: As a result of increased invoice accuracy, the amount of re-work required due to invoice errors is reduced.
  • Reduced Costs: With the elimination of sorting, registering and manual data entry of paper invoices, an electronic invoicing process can yield savings.

How to determine if a supplier is currently registered with Transcepta or e-invoicing

  • Search for the supplier in Marketplace and select thier profile. 
  • If the supplier has the "ei" indicator next to thier name, they are an electronic supplier.

Ei tag indicator in Marketplace

If you are interested in registering a vendor with Transcepta, submit a case through ASK for review.  Alternatively, if you have a vendor who is interested in registering with Transcepta, they may email disbursements@ucsd.edu.