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How to Correct a Paid Vendor Invoice

When a supplier’s invoice has been paid and a correction needs to be made, follow these steps.

Reasons to complete a payment adjustment form:

  • Overpaid invoice (in lieu of a credit memo or refund check from the supplier)
  • Underpaid invoice
  • Sales or use tax paid in error
  • Unpaid sales or use tax

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1. Gather the documents needed to complete the payment adjustment request form.

You'll need the purchase order report and paid invoice document from FinancialLink.

  1. Log into FinancialLink
  2. Click the Reports 
  3. Choose Commonly Used Reports
  4. Click Purchase Order
  5. Enter the PO# associated  with the invoice to be corrected
  6. Click Submit

PO Report

2. Complete the form

The following information is required and can be found on the supplier's invoice or by viewing the purchase order report and paid invoice document on FinancialLink:

  • Payee name - the person or business entity that originally received payment.UCSD document number
  • Invoice/ credit number
  • Purchase order number against which the invoice was paid
  • Payee's Vendor ID Number
  • Check the appropriate adjustment requested
  • briefly explain why the original payment was incorrect
  • Adjustment type (Remit payment to payee or credit payee)
  • Provide the correct accounting information:
    • Index
    • Fund
    • Account
    • Adjustment amount

Note: The approver must have a signature authorization on file in Disbursements for the fund(s) being charged.

3. PO Report and Paid Invoice Document Samples

  • Purchase Order Report Example
    • Click the document number link in the "Ledger Transaction History" portion of the Purchase Order report to open the Paid Invoice document

Purchase Order Report 

  • Paid invoice document example

Paid Invoice Document

4. Submit the completed form

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