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Learn about Paymode-X, one of UC San Diego's preferred payment methods.

Paymode X logoPaymode-X is an electronic payment network designed to provide our suppliers with security, efficiency and opportunities for cost savings. Payment is issued in the form of direct deposit/ ACH and automatically deposited in the supplier’s bank account. This payment option is subject to additional benefits and fees imposed by Paymode-X.

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Suppliers enrolled in Paymode-X

The Disbursements - Payment Services team is targeting specific suppliers to enroll in this preferred payment product. Enrollment is optional.

By enrolling in this payment product, suppliers will benefit from a secure and efficient way of receiving payments. For more information on the Paymode-X network please visit their website https://www.paymode-x.com or contact Payment Services via ASK (login required) for more information.

How suppliers should update their bank account details

Suppliers have the ability to update their bank account information by logging into their Paymode-X portal. Have suppliers see the step by step instructions (PDF).

How to cancel or stop a payment

To request to cancel a Payment issued incorrectly to a vendor via Paymode X, follow these instructions.

  1. Fill out the Cancel/ Stop Payment Form (PDF) payment form
  2. Fill out all requested fields
  3. Submit the request form through ASK (login required). If you do not have Single-Sign-On access for ASK, please contact us by email at disbursements@ucsd.edu.
  4. Due to the urgency of the matter, include the Paymode-X Administrator on your request:

Note: Paymode X payments can only be canceled within a limited time frame.

How to retrieve payment details

Payment Compass is a self-service tool available to both internal and external clients designed to provide invoice and payment details.

Paymode-X customer service and welcome packet

If suppliers have questions about enrollment in Paymode-X or other questions regarding their account, they should contact Paymode-X's customer support services.

If suppliers need additional information on Paymode-X have them review the Welcome Packet (PDF).

For questions specific to payment details or other disbursements related questions, please contact us via ASK (login required) or email disbursements@ucsd.edu.

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