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How to Place Your Radioactive Materials Order

If you order radioactive materials for your department, follow the steps on this page to place your order.

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1. Gather information for your order

2. Place your order in Marketplace

  • Log into Marketplace and conduct a search for your product using the catalog number. If you cannot find the product in search results, use a miniRequest or an iRequest citing the product information from the supplier's site. 
  • Once you have added your items to a shopping cart, proceed through the Marketplace checkout process. 
    • Make sure to select the correct shipping address during checkout. Conduct an address search for 'EH&S' and the EH&S address at the corner of Myers & Gilman should appear.
    • Make sure to stop at the 'UCID/FAB & RUA' step during checkout and add your RUA number in the 'RUA No.' field.

Note: You must have Single Sign-On to access Marketplace. If another person in your area is responsible for preparing purchase orders, provide that individual with the ordering information.

When receiving radioactive materials from another research institution or purchasing radioactive materials through a channel other than Marketplace, use the following address: 

Campus Services Complex Bldg E- UCSD Direct
La Jolla, CA 92093-0035
On Greenhouse Lane, near the Environmental Management Facility
Phone: (858) 534-6418
Fax: (858) 822-5524
Mail Code: 0035

3. Arrange for receipt

  • If your lab is on the main campus:
    • EH&S calls the radiation safety lab contact when the order arrives.
    • The lab contact designates a person to pick up the order.
    • Follow procedures for picking up radioactive materials.
  • If your lab is off campus:
    • Wait for delivery from the EH&S Services Lab.

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