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The Fisher First Program

Learn more about the Fisher First program.

The University of California’s Life Science Center of Excellence is making laboratory purchasing more efficient for you! During a recent Reverse Auction, Fisher Scientific led the pack with the greatest overall value and was awarded a Prime Agreement to become the primary distributor of life and science chemicals, consumables, equipment, and laboratory supplies.

Benefits of Fisher First

Fisher First and the Prime Agreement brings you…

  • Savings – The new Fisher First pricing is based on the combined spending power of the 10 UC campuses for a total savings of $10 million dollars across the UC system in the first year!
  • Same Day Delivery – Fisher First items are delivered to you by our Receiving and Distribution the same day they’re received.
  • Cleaner Search Results – Items rarely ordered are being removed from Marketplace search results, based on feedback from laboratories, making it easier to filter, compare, and favorite those items you really want to see.
  • Corning – Fisher is the exclusive distributor of 1200 Corning-brand plastic and glassware items
  • Attention – With the largest team of dedicated representatives that focus on serving you at the bench, Fisher First has the greatest capacity to assist UC’s research and clinical pursuits.
  • Variety – Choose Fisher First for day to day lab purchases, New Lab Startups, and Fisher brands to see the value for yourself!

The Fisher Scientific offering is complemented by agreements with VWR, Sigma, and other critical manufacturers that supply the unique laboratory reagents and breadth of products that the UC laboratories require. These suppliers will continue to be valuable partners to UC laboratories for the items that Fisher does not provide.

In addition, UC San Diego’s Core Bio Services is partnering with Fisher Scientific to stock the most frequently ordered products on campus. This includes products from a wide breadth of popular brands such as Corning, EMD Millipore, Fermentas, Pierce, and Thermo Fisher’s Life Technologies, all of which can be found in Core’s catalog in Marketplace. 

Benefits of ordering through Core Bio Services:

  • Free shipping & handling - All orders through Core Bio Services have no shipping or handling fees attached!
  • Waste & emissions reduction - Core Bio Services consolidates hundreds of orders into only a few orders to suppliers.  This results in less packaging waste and a reduction in emissions from delivery vehicles to campus.
  • Receive products faster - Most popular products are available for immediate pickup or next day delivery!
  • On-site customer service - Core Bio Services has a full staff located on campus dedicated to helping you with all of your lab essential needs and requests. 

The Fisher First program will provide labs with better value from more precise and relevant search results, along with optimized access to specialty items from your favorite research brands like VWR, Illumina, Sigma, New England BioLabs, and Corning.