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How to Order Compressed Gas

Read important information and follow the steps on this page if you are responsible for ordering compressed gas.

Important: To ensure the safe use and storage of Class I, II, or III gases, contact the chemical safety officer, (858) 822-1579, before you order material. Review the EH&S Compressed Gas Overview for general information.

Note: Use Marketplace, UCSD's online buying site to order compressed gas.

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In-stock gas

  • Order your compressed gas from STORE through Marketplace. If you see the item you want, you can place your order. If you don't see the item, follow the instructions for specialty gas.
  • In-stock gas can be delivered within 24 to 48 hours after you've placed the order.

Specialty gas

  • Order your specialty gas from STORE through Marketplace.  Use iRequest:Specialty Gas and Cyclinder Hardware.
  • Specialty gas may take up to 14 business days for delivery.
Note: You may not return specialty gas for credit, unless the vendor has made an error.

Refill customer-owned gas cylinder (COC)

  • Contact STORE through ASK. STORE will process a pickup order for your empty cylinder.
  • Please provide the following information:
    • Contact name
    • Phone number
    • Index number
    • Location of the cylinder
    • Type of gas for refill
    • Cylinder ID #
  • Customer-owned gas cylinders may take 1 to 3 weeks to be returned to the customer.

Note: If you are considering purchasing a cylinder, contact us through ASK.

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