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How to Buy Furniture From Non-Contract Vendors

Learn how you can buy certain types of furniture from vendors other than Steelcase, UCSD's contract furniture vendor.

To view furniture products, contact Alma Mendoza, (858) 822-4390.

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1. Decide on a vendor.

Find vendors that sell the various types of furniture:

2. Decide which type of quote you need.

  • If you aren't sure that your budget can cover the cost of the project you have in mind, ask the vendor for a budgetary quote. This quote will allow you to plan your purchase within your budget.
  • If you know that what you want to purchase is within your budget, ask the vendor to prepare an order-ready quote.

3. Get a quote from the vendor.

  • Ask the vendor to include all services in the quote, including:
    • Design consultation
    • Space planning
    • Product selection
    • Removing existing furniture
    • Installation
  • Ask the vendor to provide a timetable from ordering to installation.

Note: Make sure that the quote you receive covers all design, delivery, and installation charges.

4. Choose the correct method for your purchase.

  • Create a Purchase Order in Marketplace
  • Use the Express Card if:
    • You are authorized to use the Express Card
    • The purchase is less than $4,999, including tax, shipping, and handling.

5. Prepare for your furniture delivery.

  • Set a delivery date with your furniture vendor.
  • Decide what to do with your old furniture. Options include contacting UCSD Surplus Sales or contacting UCSD's furniture buyer for a list of private furniture-recycler services.
  • As the delivery date nears, prepare your workspace by clearing the old desktop, bookshelves, and drawers of files and other paperwork, desktop accessories, and personal effects.

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