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How to Buy Audiovisual Equipment and Supplies

Follow the steps on this page to purchase audiovisual equipment and supplies.

Note: To rent or install audiovisual equipment or supplies, contact UCSD's Audio-Visual Event Services.

Audiovisual equipment and supplies include projectors, screens,video cameras, VCRs, TVs, stereos, speakers, monitors, and audio recording equipment.

Audiovisual equipment and supplies do not include film and digital still cameras.

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1. Gather information for your order.

  • Determine what type of audiovisual equipment and supplies you need.
  • Decide if the items will:
    • Be stationary (built into the room)
    • Be mobile (able to be moved)
    • Require changes to the building (if so, contact Facilites Management, (858) 534-2925, before placing your order)

2. Choose a supplier and get a quote.

The following resources are available to assist you in selecting a supplier:

  1. Contact your procurement specialist for help
  2. Get a recommendation from Audio-Visual Event Services
  3. Refer to the list of agreement suppliers in Marketplace

Once you've chosen a supplier, contact them to obtain a quote.  Be sure to request a printed copy.

3. Choose the correct method for your purchase.

  • Use recharge if you are buying through Academic Computing & Media Services (ACMS).
  • Use a Marketplace iRequest to create a PO 
  • Use Express Card if:
    • You are authorized to use Express Card
    • Your quote is less than $4,999, including tax, shipping, and handling

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