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How to Procure a Vessel Charter

Learn how to procure a vessel charter.

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Processing a Vessel Charter

In Marketplace enter the following on the Services iRequest:

  • Enter your supplier on the iRequest
  • Complete the service details in the iRequest
  • In the 'Select one of the following from the list' drop-down, make sure to select 'Chartering of buses, vessels, planes, etc. included'
  • Attach the vessel charter documentation (Refer to the Vessel Charter Documentation section)
  • Complete the price rationale and attach any price rationale documentation such as quotes from other charter vessel suppliers
  • Complete the source justification, if applicable
  • After you have completed the iRequest, select the following Account Code in your shopping cart '635355-Marine Charter, Field Research'

Refer to the UCSD Representative Contacts section if you have any questions or concerns.

Vessel Charter Documentation

Attach the following completed documents to the iRequest in Marketplace:

  • Quotation from the chosen supplier 
  • Select and complete a Vessel Charter Agreement, including Exhibits: 

   Proof of Seaworthiness:

      • U.S. Coast Guard Inspection (preferred) or 
      • UNOLS Membership (preferred) or
      • Exhibit B (reviewed and approved by UCSD Representative)

UCSD Representative Contacts

  • Insurance CertificatesEdie Mitchell, Risk Management Manager at 858-534-3820
  • Seaworthiness:
    • For charter boats 30 feet or less in length Christian Mcdonald, Diving Safety Officer at 858-534-2002
    • For charter boats over 30 feet in length primary contact: Stephen Kelety, Marine Superintendent (MARFAC) at 858-534-1643; secondary contact: Bruce Appelgate, Associate Director (MARFAC) at 858-534-2220
  • For everything else: Bryan Hurley, Senior Buyer at 858-534-1940

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