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EIS Program: How to Issue a PO to Enroll Your Equipment

Find out how to enroll your equipment in the Equipment Insurance Savings (EIS) Program.

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How to Issue a PO to enroll the equipment in the EIS Program

Use the iRequest form on Marketplace for Equipment Maintenance Service Agreement. Below are tips on how to fill out some of the fields:

  • Service Agreement Info:
    • Enter Supplier:  Select “The Remi Group” as the supplier.
    • Agreement Quote/contract No.:  Enter the Agreement Quote Number from Remi.
    • Period of Performance Start Date; Period of Performance End Date:  Enter the Period of Performance Start and End dates.  Make sure the Start Date is the current or future date.
    • No. of Preventative Maintenances:  Enter the Number of Preventative Maintenances covered.
    • Services Included Under This Agreement:  Outline the Services Included, such as PM and Repairs.
  • Equipment Info:
    • Enter tye fields related to the equipment.
    • Location of Equipment (Lab/Building/Room):  Enter the lab name, building and room number where the equipment is located.
  • Service Description:  Enter a brief description of the service(s) to be provided.
  • Rate, Units & Quantity: Enter 1 for Quantity and the relevant Units and Rate.  If you you are requesting multiple invoices, enter the number of invoices for Quantity and the relevant Units and Rate per Invoice.
  • If there are multiple pieces of equipment, select Save to Cart & Add Another Item at the top of the screen, and click Go. Enter the information for the next line item.
  • When all items have been added, go to Attach Supplier/Quote Documents Below.  Attach the quote from Remi as well as the original quote from your current service provider (if applicable).  Note that The Remi Group is the supplier of the maintenance agreement only and does not perform any maintenance or repairs.
  • Select Complete iRequest and Go to Cart at the top of the screen and click Go.  

From the Marketplace Checkout page:

  • Shipping to:   
    • Shipping Address:  Select the location of the equipment to be maintained.
    • User Name:  Enter the name of the contact person for repairs, if different from the person creating the Requisition.

How to manage and track your equipment maintenance after you have enrolled your equipment in the EIS Program

To obtain quotes contact The Remi Group.

To arrange for service contact The Remi dispatch at (866) 296-4847.

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