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VCAA Incoming Service Agreement Requests

Information about requesting a new or amending an existing service agreement for VCAA departments.

Kuali Research (KR) Proposal Development (PD) record

A Proposal Development (PD) record is now required for all VCAA Departments requesting a new service agreement or amendment to an existing service agreement.

To request an Incoming Service Agreement, provide the following information and attachments in a PD record. Click "Submit for Review" to route the completed PD record to OCGA.

Basics tab

Provide the following information in the Basics tab:

  • Activity Type: Select "Other Sponsored Activity"
  • Project Dates: Enter the Period of Performance, which should be no more than one year
  • Sponsor: Use the Search function to find the corresponding Sponsor record.
    • If there is no sponsor code available, use 9850 to initiate OCGA's process for creating a new sponsor code. The PD Initiator will need to update the field with the new sponsor code before submitting the record for review.
  • Sponsor Deadline: Enter the date you submit the record
  • Sponsor Deadline Type: Select "Internal"
  • Anticipated Agreement Type: Select "Service Agreement"
  • Keywords: Select "COVID-19 / SARS-CoV-2" if your agreement is related to COVID-19 research.

Key Personnel tab

Add all UC San Diego individuals who will be involved in this project to the Personnel sub tab:

  • Principal Investigator (PI): Assign PI role to the Technical Lead. KR allows any UCSD employee to be listed as the PI. The Lead does not need to be "PI Eligible" and PI Exception is not required for a service agreement. This lead person will complete the COI disclosure as necessary.
  • Other Key Personnel: Add all UC San Diego persons who will work on the project. KR does not allow a "Co-PI" for service agreements.

Compliance tab

Use the KR PD Compliance tab to "Add compliance entry" for Export Control review:

  • Add Compliance Entry: 
    • Type: Select "Export Control"
    • Approval Status: Select "Pending"

Attachments tab

Use the "Internal" sub tab of the Attachments tab to provide a Service Agreement Template. Provide either A. a completed and signed UCSD template, or B. an agreement that requires review:

  1. UCSD's Service Agreement Template - completed and signed by the client: The UCSD template contains standard terms that align with UC policy, and when accepted and signed by the client, can expedite processing: 
    • New Service Agreement (Word): Fill in Exhibit A and have the client sign a PDF version of the agreement
    • Amendment (Word): Fill in amendment specific information and have the client sign a PDF version of the amendment
  2. Agreement that needs contract officer review: Clients may request to revise our template, or ask to use their company's draft agreement. This may require additional negotiation to ensure the agreement aligns with UC policy: 
    • UCSD's Service Agreement Template with redlines or requested revisions
    • Client company's draft agreement

Budget tab

Use the KR PD Budget tab to provide a breakdown of the total cost:

Summary/Submit tab

  • Reminder: Click "Submit for Review" to route the PD record to OCGA. 

Kuali COI

Conflict of Interest (COI) Disclosures must be completed in Kuali COI as of January 2020. Paper forms (700U) will not be accepted. 

Depending on the project details provided in the KR PD, COI disclosures may be required by the Technical Lead (UCSD person designated as the Principal Investigator). If Kuali COI determines that a disclosure is required, the Technical Lead will receive a system-generated notification.

Log in to Kuali COI

VCHS Departments: use the VCHS Business Contracting Service Agreement Application (login required).

Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO): contact the SIO Office of Contracts and Grants.