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Department Safety Coordinator Certificate

Learn about the Department Safety Coordinator (DSC) Certificate intended to improve workplace safety culture.

The Department Safety Coordinator (DSC) Certificate improves workplace safety culture by exposing participants to a broad array of Environment, Health, and Safety courses. Participants develop essential safety leadership competencies such as facilitating, communicating, planning, goal setting, problem solving, and decision making. Learn more about Department Safety Coordinators by visiting What Department Safety Coordinators Need to Know.

Required Courses

Elective Courses

Additional Elective Courses

To complete the certificate, you must also take three of the following courses:


After completing the required coursework, schedule a one-on-one consultation with an EH&S specialist to discuss integrating basic health and safety principles into your workplace. To schedule, contact the EH&S Safety Training Manager, (858) 822-5974.

Request Your Certificate

Request your certificate by sending a list of the courses you have taken (with dates of completion) together with EH&S interview documentation to Staff Learning and Development, Mail Code 0922 or via email. A copy may be placed in your employee file as a permanent record of your attendance in staff development activities. You can review your training history at UC Learning Center or Blink MyTraining.

  • Note: The certificate indicates that you have completed the program, and it may be useful documentation when you are applying for a job. As in all cases, decisions about reclassification and hiring are at the discretion of the appropriate authorities according to university policies and practices. This certificate is encouraged, but not required to become a department safety coordinator, and completing the certificate will not automatically result in your being appointed a department safety coordinator. Department safety coordinators are designated by the department or work unit supervisor, manager or principal investigator.