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UCPM Core Courses

Learn about UCPM Core Courses provided by the University of California.

There are two options for completing the core courses requirement of the UC People Management Certificate.

Note: Due to an upgrade to the UC Learning Center, the links in the Coursework Grid are in the process of being updated. To find and take a specific course listed in the grid, please log into the UC Learning Center and use the search feature to locate a course.

Option 1: Complete the following 16 eCourses

  • Performance Management:
    • Performance Management Overview
    • Setting Expectations and Individual Performance Goals
    • Giving & Receiving Feedback
    • Engaging & Developing Employees
    • Conducting Performance Appraisals
    • Motivating, Recognizing, & Rewarding Employees
    • Coaching for Performance and Development
    • Managing Corrective Action
  • Managing People:
    • Hiring for Success
    • Strategic On-Boarding

Option 2: Complete the following Instructor-Led Training (ILT) and eCourses

  • Performance Management ILT's:
    • Behavioral Feedback
    • Coaching for Performance
    • Creating an Effective Individual Development Plan (IDP)
    • UC San Diego Performance Appraisal Process
  • Managing People eCourses:
    • Hiring for Success
    • Strategic On-Boarding

To learn more about these courses or to register, visit the UC Learning Center (login required).

Next steps

Select a total of four Elective Courses (one from each competency).