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Information Technology Learning Road Map

Find out about courses and other resources to contribute to your Individual Development Plan (IDP).

Related UC Core Competencies

  • Innovation and Change Management
  • Job Mastery and Continuous Learning
  • Resource Management

Summary:  Key learnings that can be gleaned from this Learning Road Map apply to all areas of information technology.

Certificate Available:  Yes.  The SysAdmin Training Series Certificate is available through Staff Education and Development, and many other certificates are available through UC San Diego Extension including project management, application development, and business process analysis.

SysAdmin Training Series Certificate 

(Other IT-relevant certificates are available through UCSD Extension, including project management, application development, and business process analysis.  Additionally Skillsoft, UCSD’s web-based training service available through Blink, offers preparatory coursework for many IT-relevant certifications.)

This three-tiered program (tier 3 is not yet available) enhances employees' existing skills with formal training and development tailored for information technology professionals. Its goal is to ensure that employees who maintain the UCSD computing network receive vital tools and information while earning certificates of completion at specific milestones.

IT Essentials Certification (Level 1)

  • Networking, Part 1:  Protocols and network Design
  • Campus AD OU Management
  • Network and Computer Security

Systems Administration Certification (Level 2)
Note: Successful completion of Level 1 certification is required.

  • User Support, Part 1:  Strategies for Delivering Information Technology Services and Resources
  • Networking, Part 2:  Network Management and Troubleshooting
  • User Support, Part 2:  IT Policies

Developing on the Job

  • Participate in an internship in a particular area of interest of information technology
  • Attend and participate in project planning meetings
  • Collaborate with colleagues on stretch assignments and projects
  • Collaborate with your boss to develop an Individual Development Plan (IDP)
  • Practice problem-solving skills
  • Take on challenging and scale assignments
  • Conduct an inventory of your information technology skills and strengths
  • Familiarize yourself with online forums and discussion boards related to specific information technology topics, for example campus LISA and the sysadmin-l and the developer-l mailing lists
  • Conduct informational interviews to research career paths
  • Subscribe to email lists that focus on information technology, for example campus LISA and the sysadmin-l and the develop-l mailing lists
  • Participate on work groups in your department as well as outside
  • Consult Career Tracks and identify interests, goals, and development opportunities
  • Participate in user communities, for example campus LISA and the sysadmin-l and the developer-l mailing lists
  • Find time to work with and learn from your departmental security administrator, e.g., to learn common terminology
  • Join the Corporate Executive Board (CEB) which offers a plethora of online resources and assessments across subject matter ranging from finance, human resources, information technology, procurement and operations, and risk and audit among others. Go to CEB Global and click on “Interested in Membership” at the top right of the page. You will need your UCSD email address to register for an account.

Learning From Others

  • Mentoring
    • Our colleague division of Equal Opportunity/Staff Affirmative Action offers the Career Connection Mentorship Program.  The Career Connection Mentorship Program matches staff mentors and mentees based on their interests and experiences, and provides assistance with goal setting, job satisfaction, job enhancement and lateral or upward mobility.  Please call 858.822.2633 for more information.
  • Feedback from Others
    • Seek out feedback from your manager, peers, and clients


  • UCSD Science and Engineering Library has many valuable resources for both amateur and seasoned system administrators, with a focus on subjects relevant to information technology professionals.  Topics include tech dictionaries, e-books, IT magazines, general IT, IT management, database management, networks, security, and software engineering.

E-Learning Modules

Related Skillsoft Courses

Skillsoft offers offers preparatory coursework for many IT-relevant certifications.  From the Skillsoft homepage, click on Browse the Library, then Certification Library.  A sampling of certification prep includes:

  • ASQ (Six Sigman and CMQ/OE)
  • Project Management Institute (PMI)
  • Scrum Alliance
  • International Software Testing Qualification Board (STQB)
  • Linux Professional Institute (LPI)
  • Oracle

You may also view IT Professional Curricula and IT Skills in the Triton Library.  Included, for example, are:

  • Business Skills for the IT Professional
  • Enterprise Database Systems
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
  • Internet and Network Technologies
  • Operating Systems and Server Technologies
  • Software Development
  • Web Design


For more information, contact Staff Education & Development, (858) 534-4890.