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Change Management Road Map

Find out about courses and other resources to contribute to your Individual Development Plan (IDP).

Related UC Core Competencies

  • Innovation and Change Management
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Job Mastery and Continuous Learning

Summary: Key learnings that can be gleaned from this Learning Road Map include planning, responding to, and managing change.

Certificate Available: No

Developing on the Job

  • Implement a small change in your own work over which you have control
  • Collaborate with your team to implement a small change in a process, product or service for which your team is responsible
  • Identify and learn about some tools that would be helpful in managing a change
  • Support and coach front-line managers and supervisors as they help their direct reports through transitions
  • Consult with and support a project team by integrating change management activities into their project plans
  • Develop a structured methodology to lead a change management activity
  • Assess the impact of change on a business process
  • Evaluate customer readiness for an identified change
  • Conduct a change management assessment
  • Create a supporting plan for an upcoming change, including communicating about the change, coaching others in preparation for and through a change, training that would support adoption of the change, and managing resistance to the change
  • Identify and analyze the risk associated with a change and develop tactics to mitigate the risk
  • Identify and anticipate resistance to a change
  • Determine tools and techniques for managing resistance to change
  • Create a comprehensive change management strategy
  • Create a tool to track the progress of change
  • Create metrics for tracking the success of change
  • Engage in the re-design of an organization due to an identified change
  • Check out Prosci

Learning From Others

  • Mentoring
    • Observe, interview, and learn from others who you identify as change makers
    • Our colleague division of Equal Opportunity/Staff Affirmative Action offers the Career Connection Mentorship Program.  The Career Connection Mentorship Program matches staff mentors and mentees based on their interests and experiences, and provides assistance with goal setting, job satisfaction, job enhancement and lateral or upward mobility.  Please call 858.822.2633 for more information.
  • Feedback from Others
    • Become part of a group whose members are engaged in organizational change
    • Informally seek feedback from professionals trained and certified in change management, your boss, direct reports, past associates or constituencies, internal and external customers, HR professionals, peers and colleagues
    • Participate in a formal feedback process such as a 360-degree feedback instrument
    • Seek feedback from a wide base of diverse constituencies and individuals
    • Hire a tutor or coach


  • Appreciative Inquiry for Change Management: Using AI to Facilitate Organizational Development, Sarah Lewis, Jonathan Passmore, and Stefan Cantore
  • ADKAR:  A Model for Change in Business, Government and Our Community, Jeffrey M. Hiatt
  • Best Practices in Change Management, 2014 Edition, Prosci Inc.
  • Change Management: The People Side of Change, Second Edition, Jeffrey M. Hiatt and Timothy J. Creasey
  • Employee’s Survival Guide to Change: The complete guide to surviving and thriving during organizational change, Third Edition, Jeffrey M. Hiatt
  • Leading Change, John P. Kotter
  • Appreciative Inquiry for Change Management:  Using AI to Facilitate Organizational Development, Sarah Lewis, Jonathan Passmore, and Stefan Cantore
  • The Efficacy of Executive Coaching in Times of Organisational Change. Journal of Change Management, DOI: 10.1080/14697017.2013.805159 (2013), A. Grant

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