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Career Development Learning Road Map

Find out about courses and other resources to contribute to your Individual Development Plan.

Career Development Learning Road Map

Related UC Core Competencies

  • Communication
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Employee Engagement
  • Job Mastery and Continuous Learning
  • Service Focus
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • People Management

Summary: Key learnings that can be gleaned from this Learning Road Map include:

  • Developing your own career
  • Developing the careers of others
  • The core elements of planning a career development path

Certificate Available: No

Developing on the Job


  • Do a skills self-audit
  • Create an individual development plan
  • Observe and study successful managers in your unit and on campus
  • Observe and study those managers who have not been successful
  • Continue to develop new skills across different areas
  • Leverage your strengths in new tasks, responsibilities and roles
  • Volunteer to take on assignments from other positions in your unit or department
  • Expand your career “horizons” by trying new tasks and volunteering for new assignments and roles outside of your unit, e.g., campus staff associations, campuswide committees
  • Do an internship or cross-train in another unit
  • Volunteer for assignments and roles in which you can interact with higher-level management
  • Participate in a course that focuses on topics outside of your comfort zone
  • Perform a scale assignment

As a manager/supervisor

  • Learn how to deliver behavioral feedback
  • Develop your coaching skills
  • Delegate challenging assignments in new areas
  • Delegate a scale assignment
  • Provide internships and cross-training
  • Influence employees to take on challenges
  • Encourage your employees to self-reflect
  • Ask powerful questions to get employees to identify behavioral patterns and trends that may contribute or prevent their success
  • Help your employees expand their perspectives
  • Participate as a mentor in the Staff Mentorship Program
  • Incorporate into your staff meetings presentations from other parts of the organization

Learning From Others

  • Mentor
    • In partnership with the HR division of Equal Opportunity Services, we offer the Staff Mentorship Program.  The Staff Mentorship Program matches staff mentors and mentees based on their interests and experiences, and provides assistance with goal setting, job satisfaction, job enhancement and lateral or upward mobility.  Please call (858) 822-2633 for more information.
  • Feedback from Others
    • Seek feedback from professionals trained and certified in your area of development, your boss, direct reports, past associates or constituencies, internal and external customers, HR professionals, peers and colleagues
    • Seek feedback from a wide base of diverse constituencies and individuals
    • Hire a tutor or coach
    • Interview those who have positions you find interesting
    • Develop a career “board of directors” who will give you feedback on your career thoughts, assumptions, concerns and opportunities
    • Establish an agreement with a trusted advisor to observe you “in action,” then debrief with you, providing feedback and suggesting development opportunities based on your individual development objectives
    • Set up a buddy system so you may receive continuous feedback
    • Attend events sponsored by other organizations to learn about what they do and even meet people who work there
    • Participate as a mentee in the Staff Mentorship Program


  • The Pursuit of Sustainable Leadership:  Becoming a Successful Strategic Leader through Principles, Perspectives, and Professional Development (Skillsoft)
  • Excellence in Coaching:  The Industry Guide, Third Edition (Skillsoft)
  • Informal Learning in Organizations:  How to Create a Continuous Learning Culture (Skillsoft)
  • Experience-Driven Leader Development:  Models, Tools, Best Practices, and Advice for On-the-Job Development (Skillsoft)
  • Read The Lessons of Experience by McCall, Lombardo and Morrison or Breaking the Glass Ceiling by Morrison, White and Van Velsor to learn how successful careers happen
  • Read relevant publications, e.g., Wall Street Journal, Higher Education, BusinessWeek, trade journals
  • Riding the Rocket: How to Manage Your Modern Career, Richard Maun  (Skillsoft)
  • The Authentic Career: Following the Path of Self-Discovery to Professional Fulfillment, Maggie Craddock
  • Readings: It’s Never OK to Kiss the Interviewer:  . . . and other Secrets to Surviving, Thriving and High Fiving at Work, Jane Sunley  (Skillsoft)


Log in to Skillsoft and search on “professional development” or related key terms.



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For more information, contact Staff Education & Development, (858) 534-4890.