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The Take 10 Experience

Learn about the Take 10 Experience, a road map to your professional development success.

The SkillSoft Take 10 Experience

Just 10 minutes a day, spent on Take 10:

The Take 10 Three Step Process


Learning is the act of acquiring new or reinforcing existing knowledge, behavior or skills.

  • Use the SkillSoft resource tool to choose from suggested resources relating to the current topic. During this two-month period, the suggested topic is Change Management or a relevant topic of your choosing.
  • Set aside 10 minute sessions, daily, to carefully review one of these resources.


Effective learning requires thinking time. Become aware of and observe what is happening in and around you as it relates to the current topic.

  • Create a list of questions/prompts after reviewing the resource.
  • Record your reflections in a daily journal, spreadsheet or on your calendar notes section.
  • Make connections to your daily work.
  • Notice triggers that can serve as catalysts for action or behavior changes. (Example Reflection Questions, PDF)


Application is taking knowledge and applying it through behavior changes or skills as a result of your learning and reflection.

More Information

Contact Staff Education and Development, (858) 534-4890, weekdays 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.