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Web-Based Training Resources at UC San Diego

Read an overview and link to UC San Diego's Web-based training and learning resources.

UC San Diego offers Web-based training in several areas including information technology, business, sexual harassment prevention, and UC San Diego-specific financial and safety topics. Available resources:

Skillsoft eLearning

UC San Diego has contracted with Skillsoft to offer faculty and staff a wide variety of free Web-based courses, books and videos available anytime, from any location, for Windows Mac and some mobile-device users. 

See Skillsoft Web-Based Training for more information.

UC San Diego-specific web tutorials

Web tutorials are available for some UCSD-specific financial, safety and other topics. See the UC Learning Center and use the keyword search to launch these tutorials. Login required for UC Learning.

If you need help launching a tutorial, see Help for Web-based Tutorial Launch.


Non-Credit Demonstrations


Stem Cell Ethics



Campus business systems online demonstrations

Some campus business systems have demonstrations that are available on their own Blink pages.

Sexual harassment prevention

In compliance with California State Law AB 1825, UC San Diego requires all supervisors and managers to take 2 hours of sexual harassment prevention training every 2 years.

To fulfill this requirement, take a UC-sponsored online course, or take a classroom-style course, both available through the UC Learning Center. For more details, see Mandatory Sexual Harassment Prevention Training or Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination.

Gartner Resources For All Staff

UC San Diego participates in this systemwide subscription to the Gartner Resources For All Staff, a library of professional development resources for leaders and their managers. It also offers tools, templates, and assessments useful to for trainers, leaders and managers.

Staff Education and Development, (858) 534-4890, is open weekdays 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
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