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Management Development

Learn about development programs for UC San Diego supervisors and managers.

Management development offerings allow managers and future managers to improve their effectiveness in their current roles and prepare professionally for career growth.  Programs include annual events for mid- and upper-level management, a local certificate series in supervisory skills, a systemwide assessment center and systemwide management development program.

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Management Development Programs

The following programs were custom-developed to encourage professional development.

  • Executive/Senior Management Forum is an annual program that provides executives and senior managers the opportunity to explore current and relevant issues within higher education from the perspective of where they sit in the organization.  Those whose positions are classified in MSP C and above and SMG are eligible to be invited.
  • Management Development Program (MDP) reflects a UC systemwide approach to preparing and strengthening managers' skills in the areas of people management, employee engagement, and change management.  UC wants to ensure that all of its managers have the skills, knowledge, and resources to effectively lead and develop talent, inspire trust, and generate operational and strategic results.  The program is conducted twice a year at UC San Diego, and interested individuals must be nominated by their Vice Chancellor’s office.
  • UC Management Skills Assessment Program (MSAP) is a university-wide management development program designed to assess and improve on-the-job performance and to enhance competitiveness for management positions.  Eligible employees are selected through a competitive application process to participate either as an assessee or an assessor.
  • Leadership Advance is an annual management development program that provides middle managers with information on university management issues and skills.  Those whose positions are classified in PSS 6 and 7, PSSIT 3 and 4, and MSP A and B are eligible to be invited. 

Supervisory Development Programs

These programs target new-to-role supervisors and can also be helpful to experienced supervisors that are new to UC San Diego.

  • New Supervisor Orientation: This program, offered twice a year, provides an overview of the key principles, policies and practices that supervisors need to be aware of in order to be effective.  The orientation is intended for those who recently have become a designated supervisor or manager at UC San Diego, either by reclassification or as a new hire.
  • Supervisory Development: Information on training and other resources for supervisors at UC San Diego.   
  • Supervision Certificate:This certificate program focuses on essential supervisory competencies such as leadership, communication, planning, goal setting, problem solving, decision making, and performance management in a university setting.
  • Learning and Development Roundtable: Web-based resources for training and development professionals, and anyone who develops leaders or wants to improve their leadership skills.

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