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HR Succession Planning: Performance Management

Learn how UC San Diego's performance management processes must change to support succession planning.

The Vision (Desired Future State)

Performance management is an ongoing communication process that involves both the manager and the employee performing the following functions:

  • Identifying and describing essential job functions and relating them to the mission and goals of the organization
  • Developing realistic and appropriate performance dimensions
  • Giving and receiving feedback about performance
  • Writing and communicating constructive performance appraisals
  • Planning education and development opportunities to sustain, improve or build on employee work performance

The emphasis on performance management within the context of succession planning at UC San Diego is critical to assessing organizational "bench strength." Performance management will need to be consistent, aligned with defined performance dimensions and accompanying desired behavioral standards, and tied to individual employee development plans. Demonstrated job performance should be the foundation for determining the promotability of staff at UC San Diego. Consequently, all of the components of strong performance management, including performance management systems and tools as well as functional responsibilities of supervisors and employees, must be in alignment with the strategic vision of the campus.

The Challenge (Need for Change)

UC San Diego has a variety of systems and tools in place to support performance management. For example:

  • Online job description library
  • Campuswide performance standards for health and safety, customer service, diversity, Principles of Community, and supervision
  • Courses, guides, and consultants to assist supervisors to learn about giving performance feedback
  • Performance appraisal policies, forms, and supporting documentation (Guide to Performance Management, "how to" pages in Blink)
  • Extensive learning and professional development opportunities, and tools for planning built into the performance appraisal process

The challenge is to create standards of performance and accountability that are equally applied and consistently demonstrated by supervisors and employees across all departments at UC San Diego. Thus, performance management systems and tools, and the practice of performance management itself, must effectively support and influence performance excellence. An integrated organizational approach to succession planning is only possible when performance is assessed accurately and equitably throughout the organization. Only then is it viable for high performing UC San Diego staff to move expansively from one position to another within the campus with the expectation that performance will continue to be exemplary.

The Plan (Pathway to Success)

Performance Management Why? When? Status
Revise campuswide standards to reflect the new performance dimensions To create accountability for achieving the desired workforce performance Q1 2014
Revise performance appraisal policies, processes and forms to reflect the new performance dimensions To ensure consistency and alignment of human resources systems in order to create the desired behaviors needed to create the workforce of the future Q1 2014

Based on campus strategic plan release date.

Revise performance management-related courses and web-based training to incorporate the revised policies and practices reflecting the new performance dimensions To reflect the desired performance dimensions so that leadership practices support the vision for the workforce of the future Q2 2013 Performance dimensions have been developed and implemented in some VC areas.  Further development is occurring and a team has been assigned to this initiative.

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