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HR Succession Planning: Recruitment and Hiring

Learn about UC San Diego's plans to recruit and employ talented employees.

The Vision (Desired Future State)

Establishing strategic talent management is an organizational priority for UC San Diego.

Traditional succession planning, as it relates to recruitment and retention of employees, is a process by which successors are identified and placed in key positions throughout an organization. UC San Diego's approach will take into consideration the overall strategic vision and objectives of the organization while providing all job seekers the opportunity to learn, grow and compete for positions. The goal is to build a pool of employees who are "job ready" when a position vacancy occurs at UC San Diego, as well as access to a strong external candidate pool when necessary. This model of succession planning will enhance the development of a diverse workforce by enabling management to look at the future goals of the organization and plan recruitment strategies accordingly.

UC San Diego's efforts will be coordinated to:

  • Integrate performance dimensions into the recruitment and selection process
  • Build a Candidate Relations Program to find and cultivate talented candidates not actively seeking to change organizations, commonly referred to as "passive job seekers", and engage the recruitment staff as active participants in candidate referrals and interviews
  • Establish systems to support all aspects of talent management and streamline processes
  • Focus on quality of hire and measuring successes
  • Build on the current presence of UC San Diego in the community to diversify the workforce
  • Develop more consistent hiring practices across campus for background and reference checking procedures that focus on defined performance dimensions

The Challenge (Need for Change)

With many baby boomers retiring or in preparation for retirement, it is critical for the future success of UC San Diego to be able to attract and retain a talented workforce. The demand for top shelf managers, professionals and support staff will continue to increase as the supply of these individuals diminishes.

Through outreach activities and in no small measure based on reputation, UC San Diego has been able to attract talented job applicants who are also drawn to the picturesque campus location and the strong retirement and benefits package for staff.

Competition from other area employers to hire the best talent will continue to be keen. With the number of campus employees who are retiring, UC San Diego will need an "edge" in its external and internal recruitment and selection processes that results in effective organizational talent acquisition.

To build from the current state and move toward the vision, UC San Diego must strengthen its approach to recruitment and hiring by:

  • Seeking out top prospects and passive job seekers, and finding new ways to identify internal and external talent
  • Learning to foster an atmosphere more conducive to allowing internal employees to move and grow in other campus departments when opportunities for advancement do not exist in an employee's current home department
  • Improving upon systems to allow a more streamlined approach to hiring to reduce the time it takes to bring candidates onboard

The Plan (Pathway to Success)

New strategies to remain competitive in the ongoing search for talent are being developed.

Recruitment and Hiring Why? When? Status

Implement systemwide Career Tracks job classification system

To provide market-related job titles for Professional and Support Staff and Managers and Senior Professionals positions, with clear delineator among titles. This provides a basis for more market-based salaries, clearer understanding of job duties, and clearer understanding of career paths. Info Tech Q1 2014, all by Q1 2016

IT titles implementation in progress.

Quality of Hire Survey

To understand and make decisions based on qualified candidates hired throughout the year. Q1 2014

In progress.

Develop Interview Questions based on Performance Dimensions

To provide the campus with question resources to help identify candidates for positions within UC San Diego. Q4 2013

In progress.

Recruitment and Hiring Why When Completed
Expand the Outreach Ambassador Program To cultivate applicant relationships, UC San Diego staff will serve as Outreach Ambassadors. Q3 2011 Completed.
Hiring Training and Education To identify new managers as they enter UC San Diego and provide one-on-one assistance and introduce them to campus recruitment strategies. Q4 2010 HireOnline will be able to provide a report on new managers hired through requisitions.

HireOnline (H2O)

  • Diversity Tools
  • Candidate Relations Tools
  • Recruitment Tracking
  • Communication Tools
  • Reporting Tools
To support all aspects of talent management and to streamline the hiring process. Functionality will make the applicants', recruiters' and hiring managers' application/ recruitment experience easier and more informative, allow recruiters to find and cultivate passive job seekers, free valuable time for recruiters and hiring managers so they can focus on recruitment and not processing, track diversity of candidate pools and students, and be able to report and collect information on quality of hire and other aspects of the process. Q3 2010 Completed.
Enhancements will continuously be ongoing.
Internal Recruitment Program To expand the number of jobs for the Internal Recruitment Program to allow for internal promotions and give more internal applicants priority consideration. Q2 2010 Completed. All positions are currently eligible for the program.
Hiring Training and Education To increase the number of classes for "Hiring Winners" and "Successful Selection" staff education courses and to train existing managers on techniques for hiring, and background and reference checking. Q4 2008


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