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Succession Planning: Examples of Best Practices

Find links to examples of best practices for succession planning at UCSD.<br/>

Please note: Unless otherwise indicated, these programs are designed for staff in the individual department or vice chancellor area.

Academic Affairs

  • The Business Officer Academy provides training, guidance and support to staff members who aspire to become business officers. This one-year program is centered around case study, small group discussions and personal interactions to provide participants with an understanding and appreciation of the role of the business officer at UCSD.
  • The Financial Management Academy provides fiscal staff in Academic Affairs with a solid foundation of knowledge of a broad range of UCSD financial functions, for both professional development and career advancement. This nine-month program primarily uses a classroom setting, where lectures and activities teach concepts and best practices.
  • UExplore is designed for early-career and entry-level Academic Affairs employees, to assist them in identifying realistic and appropriate professional development goals. UExplore is a nine-month program, providing half-day workshops featuring assessments, lectures, career panels and exercises.

Business and Financial Services

The STRIVE Program (login required) is a successful mentoring and leadership development program supporting the mission of higher education through the development of high potential employees.

Started by BFS in 2006, the program is identified as a University "best practice" in succession planning; fostering motivated, invested and empowered innovators eager to assume leadership roles.

Non-represented career employees in VC-CFO (BFS and HS) and EVC (VCAA, VCSA, VCR, and VC-EDI) who have demonstrated leadership potential, have at least one-year work history at UC San Diego, have an overall performance rating of at least “Above Expectations” and have no disciplinary action active or pending are eligible to be nominated for the program.

Health Sciences

  • Health Sciences' Succession Planning Initiatives (PDF) are focused on progressive talent management throughout all career phases with the following programs:
    • Tier 1: Recruitment & Entry-Level Retention, which includes the Student Apprenticeship Program and Millennial workgroup
    • Tier II: Mid-Level Employees Pursuing Greater Operational Expertise, which includes A-Z Training Series
    • Tier III: Leadership Development Programs, which include High Potential Leadership Development, Leadership Development Workshops, a Leadership Forum, Supervisors and Managers Training, and HS Internships
  • Health Sciences' Central Service Initiatives (PDF) will allow the organization to maintain a high level of administrative support and service without having to augment the administrative staff and budget, and include the following models:
    • Faculty Compensation Service Center Model
    • Academic Affairs Cost Share/Imbedded Model
    • East Campus Integrated HR Service

Housing, Dining and Hospitality

The Funds For You program supports the growth and development of Housing, Dining and Hospitality staff members by providing financial support to career employees who wish to enroll in long-term educational programs such as those leading to a degree or special certification.

Human Resources Department

Human Resources' internal department programs address the acquisition of job skills and knowledge for both current functions and career development. Included are a Rotation Program, Internship Program, Cross-Training, Special Projects, and a Professional Development Support Component.