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Minimum Wage Increase 2023

The new minimum wage increase for casual-restricted student employees effective 12/25/2022 (for January 1, 2023 requirement): Please reference the attached 2023 Minimum Wage Pay Ranges. UCPC will automatically manage the wage implementation to bring all students up to the new minimum rate for their respective title codes. Students whose salaries are equivalent to the new minimum rate for their title code (or above) will not be affected by the wage implementation.

2023 Minimum Pay Rates

Requesting Above Minimum Equity

If a department would like to adjust student wages ABOVE the new minimum rates, you must submit an email to the Student Employment Office to request an Equity Increase. 

The Justification = “In order to maintain a stable work force and due to the 12/25/2022 new minimum wage increase….”. 

If you need to submit a request for multiple students, you may use an Excel spreadsheet with pertinent information (justification; UCPath Employee ID; legal name; new pay rate requesting) and check that the student is enrolled or registered Winter 2023.  You must submit separate requests (additional Excel sheets) if you have students in a different title code.

You may use the Equity Increase Request Template to create your request.

Note: SEO understands it may take some time for departments to determine and receive funding approvals. Therefore, SEO will extend the deadline to until Friday, February 3, 2023 to submit equity increase requests with an effective date of 12/25/22 (or 01/07/23; 1/21/23 if requested). Any submissions received after Feb. 3, 2023, will be approved effective the beginning of the next biweekly pay period.

Job Posting Pay Rate Increase Request

Departments who need to update their Handshake Job posting pay rates above the new minimum rate due to the Minimum Wage increase effective 12/25/22, must work with the Student Employment Office by submitting a “Position Equity Request”.  If you need to submit multiple position equity requests, you may use an Excel spreadsheet and include the pertinent information (Working Title/Payroll Title; most recent Handshake Job ID and new rate requesting).

You may use the Position Equity Request Template to create your request. 

Note: you may not arbitrarily increase a rate ABOVE the new minimum pay rate for the title code without a prior Position Equity approval. If you do not submit a request and your job is already at or above the new minimum pay rate for their classification, you must continue paying at that approved rate.

Current Positions in Handshake

If you have current jobs posted at the minimum rate for its title code, and the posting is set to expire sometime between January 2023 and June 2023, please EXPIRE that job listing and DUPLICATE a new job listing, updating the new minimum rate for the title code. Please have duplicated jobs entered by Tuesday, December 20, 2022. 

Departments must add a COMMENT to the posting in Handshake: Duplicated from Job#___; “Posting created due to new minimum wage increase effective 12/25/22”.

Note: when duplicating, use the Job ID number that is currently live, do not use an older expired Job ID number.