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ERS: Participant Responsibilities

Find out who does what when you recruit for a high-level position.

Executive Recruitment works with your department and the search committee to execute the recruitment process. Learn about your department's roles and responsibilities below. (To learn about the recruiter's responsibilities, see Executive Recruitment Services.)

The hiring official

  • Determines job description, salary range, and budget
  • Appoints 5 to 12 people to a search committee that is both inclusive and has subject matter expertise
  • Approves search strategy and advertising plan
  • Charges the search committee with defining the needs of the position and required skill set
  • Interviews finalists and reviews committee recommendations
  • Fills out and keeps screening matrix on file
  • Fills out and submits selection report
  • Negotiates and makes final offer

The hiring department coordinator

  • Coordinates and schedules search committee meetings
  • Coordinates logistics of campus interviews
  • Coordinates logistics for candidates including hotel, airline, and transportation to and from campus

The search chair

  • Acts as a liaison to the hiring official
  • Maintains confidentiality of candidates and process
  • Leads search committee in review of candidate profiles, determination process of semi-finalists, and presentation of finalists to hiring official

The search committee

  • Adheres to confidentiality guidelines and helps the search chair create a credible search process
  • Follows guidelines set up by the hiring official for candidate selection and finalist determination
  • Participates in campus interviews
  • Makes recommendations to the search chair for finalists that best meet the requirements of the position

For more information about the recruitment process, see About Executive Recruitment.