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Find out about UC San Diego's FitLife Occupational program for faculty and staff.

FitLife Occupational is a mobile physical activity and educational program for UC San Diego Staff at risk for injury. It has been proven to reduce injuries, illness and stress, increase stamina, and create a healthy and fit lifestyle on and off the job. The University of California sponsors the FitLife Occupational program as part of its commitment to creating a positive, healthy work environment and as part of the UC Living Well initiative. Here at UC San Diego it is supported by Environment, Health and Safety and Recreation. Also see UCSD Recreation's FitLife programs for a menu of classes and workshops for everyone.

FitLife Occupational workshops:

FitLife Occupational offers workshops designed to improve wellbeing and overall work environment. Each workshop focuses on a different common on-the-job injury, geared toward educating staff on how to prevent these injuries.

Four 30 minute workshops for $155 for UCSD Students, $190 for UCSD Staff.

Back at it: Have you experienced low back pain? Do you feel stiff? Learn what causes low back pain, the anatomy and how to strengthen and increase flexibility. You will be back at it in no time.

Down to the core: Is your posture slouched? Do your abdominal and lower back muscles feel weak? Let's get to the core of the matter! Learn how to improve your posture and feel stronger.

Functional Knees: Do your knees ache or feel weak? Learn the anatomy of the knee and how to strengthen and increase range of motion.

Shoulder Solutions: Shoulder Injuries, whether minor or major, may persist and make daily activities strenuous or impossible. Learn the anatomy of the shoulder, how to strengthen, stabilize and increase range of motion.